How to Download and Install RetroArch Emulator on iPhone


Hello, gamers! Welcoming you all in Emulator Info – Don’t Settle for the one you Love, Play them all! Today we are going to see “How to Download and Install RetroArch Emulator on iPhone.”

We all absolutely love to play these latest and heavy-duty games on our high-performance devices. But sometimes we wish to play the classic games from old consoles for the Nostalgia of it. But these games are hard to access in our new systems (laptops and phones). Don’t worry Buddies! Today we will learn about the best way to play and experience these Nostalgia-loaded Vintage and Retro games: RetroArch.

One of the best features of RetroArch is its availability on multiple platforms. Let’s see how to download and install RetroArch on iPhone. And the best part is you don’t even need jailbreak to do so.

So let’s dive into the article!

The ultimate Retro Experience!

How to Download and Install RetroArch Emulator on iPhone



  • RetroArch v1.0.0 released on 11th Jan 2014 on 7 platforms
  • It implemented support for Vulkan API on its release day on 16th Feb 2016
  • RetroArch is a frontend for various emulators, media players, and game engines
  • Feature-rich platform with an amazing interface
  • Run several classic games from the computer and other consoles
  • Unified settings are applied everywhere at once
  • You can also run game CDs with the help of RetroArch
  • Advanced features absent in the original games like netplay, run ahead, next-frame response time, shaders, machine translations, and many more.

Cross Platform

Like I said earlier, RetroArch strives to be available on as many platforms as possible like Windows, Linux, and macOS from the oldest to the latest OS.

  • It is compatible with OS that even Microsoft or Apple don’t support anymore like MacOS X on PowerPC Macs,
  • RetroArch supports Windows OS as old as Windows 95, 98, XP, etc.
  • Also runs smoothly on iPads
  • Also runs on gaming consoles like PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, Wii, Wii U, 2DS, 3DS, Switch, and many more
  • RetroArch has a Humble Bundle page
  • Stream for Windows/Linux
  • Windows package manager for Windows 10/11
  • Canonical Snapcraft
  • Flathub
  • Last but not the least, RetroArch also supports android phones and tablets.
  • For differently branded Android phones:
    • Google play store
    • Huawei AppGallery
    • Samsung Galaxy Store
    • Amazon App Store

Downloading, Installing, and Updating RetroArch for iOS devices

There is more than one technique to download and install RetroArch on iOS devices. Depending on your iOS phone’s version, you may want to install iOS 9 instead of iOS 11.
The best part about RetroArch is you don’t need Jailbreak on your iPhone for its installation


  • Use iTunes to transfer content so that Cydia Impactor works appropriately
  • Cydia Impactor is a tool to install IPA files on iOS and in the same way, APK files on Android
  • You can also use any application instead of Cydia which serves the same purpose. There is no exclusivity

Installation for non-Jailbreak Devices

To install RetroArch on a non-Jailbreak Apple device, we need to use a third-party application called Cydia Impactor or any other application which installs IPA files.

  • Run the other application or Cydia Impactor.
  • Drag and drop the .IPA file in this app
  • Enter the email ID linked to your iTunes account
  • Provide the password for this Email ID
  • There is an error that asks you for an application-specific password
  • Go to
  • Enter your Apple account information to sign in
  • Scroll down to ‘App-specific password’ and hit Generate Password
  • Enter password label
  • Recommended naming the label as RetroArch or anything you wish to
  • Copy this app-specific password and repeat steps 2 and 3 again
  • Paste your app-specific password here this time
  • Now we need your iOS device for further process
  • Don’t run RetoArch for now even if you see it on your main screen
  • Go to Settings -> General
  • Scroll down and enter Device Management
  • Click on your iCloud Email ID when you see it
  • Click “[email protected]

You can play your games on RetroArch now.

Content Transfer via iTunes

To avoid compromising the safety of your device, never use applications from unknown and unauthorized sources

  • Go to to go to downloads
  • Click Download iTunes according to the OS version you are using
  • Download and launch iTunes
  • If required, connect your device to a PC via USB cable to finish the pre-installation
  • Click on the iPhone icon at the top
  • Select File Sharing from the menu on the left
  • Select RetroArch which you will see amongst other apps here
  • Drag and drop your files in the RetroArch Documents field
  • That’s how you can download and install RetroArch on your iPhone.

Features of RetroArch

Achievements: unlock trophies and badges for old-time favs classic games on your modern consoles.

Controller Configure: console controllers are connected and configured automatically and you can manually configure them and assign actions to buttons as you wish.

Interface: Ozone is a slick and easy-to-use interface optimized for navigation and employs a playlist-type system for your game collection. Easy interface to make the settings tweaking process highly intuitive.

Latency: RetroArch nearly removes all latency with its next-frame responsive time feature which clones the real hardware. You can further optimize these results with all configurable settings.

Netplay: host or join multiplayer game sessions or just watch others play using the spectator mode

Record/Stream: you can record your gameplays with RetroArch and even live stream it on or youtube.

Emulator Info’s Words

RetroArch is an amazing frontend for game engines and emulators. RetroArch is not an Emulator and is totally legal. (emulators are legal too).

RetroArch enables you to play your beloved classic games from your childhood with the same graphics and superb performance with no latency and numerous customizable settings to tweak the gameplay as you want.

Moreover, RetroArch is a feature-rich application with a slick and easy-to-use OZONE interface.

And it’s available on practically all platforms! From Windows to Mac and from Android to Linux.

Notice how we didn’t have a ‘limitations’ section in this blog?

It’s because we could not think of any limitations. That’s how good RetroArch is!

It’s no surprise that we give it a full 5-Star rating. Emulator Info certified. Worth a try!
So, Get aboard a Nostalgia-filled thrilling ride with Retro games.

GAME ON Fellas!


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