How to Download and Install Remix OS Player on Windows 11


Here at Emulator Info, we have seen various emulators. And we strive to bring you the latest news on the best of emulators. We have studied and researched many Emulators and a majority of them have been android emulators on PC.

Android Emulators transform your Windows (Linux too in many cases) computer into an Android device which lets you download (almost) all the games and apps from the Android Play Store and enables you to play them. Moreover, emulators even give you an interface similar to an Android Tablet.

But what if I told you I have a Unique emulator for you today which has a desktop-style layout. Equipped with the Android OS and all its functionalities! I present to you, Remix OS Player. It’s a clever wordplay as it is a “mix” of Windows-type layout for an Android Emulator, on a Windows PC! So let’s see How to download and install Remix OS Player on Windows 11 among other things.

An Adventure Worth Exploring!

How to Download and Install Remix OS on Windows 11

Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is an awesome emulator that lets you play android games and other test applications on your PC in an innovative desktop-style interface. The remix is for Windows systems and 9 is based on Android Marshmallow OS. It is an absolutely free app from software developer Jide and it uses the Android Studio Technology

This emulator has unfortunately discontinued a few years ago which necessarily means that it won’t get any updates anymore. But it is still fully operational.

System Requirements

The system requirements for Remix OS are relatively higher than other emulators. This unfortunately means not everyone will be able to access this unique Emulator:

  • Intel processor (Recommended Core i5 or above)
  • Windows 7 (64-bit) or later versions
  • At least 8 GB of RAM (recommended 16 GB)
  • At least 5 GB of free storage space
  • Virtualization is enabled through BIOS/UEFI

Download and Install Remix OS Player

  • Download the installer RemixOS.exe from a 3RD party website/app (
  • The download package is around 700MB. Run it
  • At a convenient location, extracting these files with extractors like 7zipper or WinRAR
  • Launch the ‘Remix OS player’ from the shortcut on the desktop
  • Click Start, (go to advanced settings if you wish to customize RAM, resolution, and other processing settings)
  • Select the language and proceed with the further on-screen procedure
  • If you see the Remix OS Player home screen on your screen now, you have successfully installed Remix OS!


Jide is the Parent company of Remix OS Player and on 17th July 2017, they announced that Remix OS will be “discontinued”. There was various reaction to this news. While some people thought that we won’t ever be able to use Remix ever, others thought that it will soon be riddled with viruses. People planning to install Remix grew skeptical since the official website didn’t exist anymore and other versions on the net must be duplicated.

Jide took this major decision in the wake of the realization that they need to ‘focus on the enterprise space. But gamers don’t have to worry as you can still download the Remix OS and use it to play games.

Jide discontinued the updates therefore RemixOS runs on Marshmallow operating system.

Features of Remix OS Player

  • Completely Free to download
  • Android gaming on a Large PC screen
  • USB Boot system
  • Android-style File Manager
  • Re-sizeable windows to play multiple android games at once
  • Multiple Windows
  • The OS is super Lightweight

Some FAQs of Remix OS

1) Where Can I Download Remix OS 3.0?

Since the Emulator is officially discontinued, you will have to download the Remix Os Player installer (“.exe”) from a third-party website. Make sure to use a legit and trustworthy website for this purpose like:


2) Can I download Whatsapp on Remix OS Player?

No. and Yes. You can NOT download WhatsApp on Remix OS Player through the play store. This is because Remix OS emulates an android Tablet and WhatsApp is unavailable on tablets. However, you CAN download the APK for the latest Whatsapp version from the web and then install and run it easily.

3) Will Remix OS work on my 1GB RAM system?

Yes!! You can use Remix OS Player on a PC with low specs by using the light version of Remix OS, called Remix mini. Remix mini consumes less processing yet maintains decent visual and performance output. It may face difficulty playing games on a 1GB PC, but it will work!

4) Can we make a Bootable USB with Remix OS?

Remix 3.0 can be installed on Apple products in some of the MacBook and iMac versions. You can do it by creating a bootable flash drive and loading RemixOS in it. And then connect it to a macOS device.

Emulator Info’s Words

Remix OS is an innovative emulator which gives you the android emulation in a desktop-style interface. It is equipped with a start menu and other functionalities of a PC. Remix OS Player is discontinued and thus hasn’t had updates for 5 years and nor it will. But the Android Marshmallow runs quite smoothly in most cases and doesn’t have any known issues.

Its unique interface makes it special and famous among emulators. The required specs are relatively high but you can always install Remix mini which runs on old and weak systems too!

We would rate RemixOS Player a 4.8 Rating for its interface and many features. It has an old android version that has next to no effect on performance or gameplay.

So, for the Curious Gamers who want to experience and experiment with desktop-style Android emulation.



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