How to Download and Install Provenance Emulator on iOS


At Emulator Info, we’ve all learned so much about emulators. Some emulator mirror Game boy, some PlayStation, and some Nintendo. And today, we bring you a Provenance emulator: a multi-console emulator that can emulate SEGA, SNES, Nintendo, Game Boy, and many more. We will tell you How to Download and Install Provenance Emulator on iOS.

Moreover, Provenance is available for all major OS like Windows, iOS, Linux, etc so, today let’s see how to download and install Provenance Emulator on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. And let’s also discuss many more about it.

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How to Download and Install Provenance Emulator on iOS

Provenance Emulator

Provenance emulator developed by James Addyman for iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone and emulates Sega Genesis, Gear game, and even SEGA platforms.

Visit Provenance

It is an amazing emulator that also runs NES, SEGA CD, SNES, Mega System, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Mega Drive, and many more games. You don’t need any Apple ID or jailbreak on the iOS device to install this emulator.

The latest version of the Provenance emulator has added advanced features like assigning extra controls to Bluetooth and on-screen control customization. Gamers have to download separate ROMs to play classic games on provenance.

Download and Install Provenance Emulator on iOS devices (without Jailbreak)

Provenance emulators are available on third-party stores such as iOSEmus, Tweakbox, etc., and that too for free. However, if you get issues with installation, follow these steps.

Installation Process for Provenance Emulator on iOS

  • Visit to install the Provenance emulator on your iOS device
  • Now, go to the ‘Apps section of the site
  • Scroll down to find the download link to the Provenance emulator (
  • After the download, use Cydia Impactor or any other side loader like AltStore or AltDeploy to install the app
  • Launch this side loader to install your IPA file
  • The provenance emulator is now installed!
  • You will see the emulator’s icon on your desktop screen. Double-click the icon to launch Provenance

Process of Installation for Provenance Emulator on iPad

  • To start with this process, install Cydia Impactor on your PC as it is the best IPA-signing tool
  • You need to get the required IPA file for Provenance Emulator
  • Now, the Provenance IPA file needs to be downloaded for sideloading
  • Connect the iPad to your PC and launch iTunes
  • Unzip the Cydia impactor tool and run the .exe file
  • In Cydia, Browse to the IPA file’s location and drag it for Signing
  • After dropping Provenance IPA to Cydia impactor, a popup will appear asking for your Apple ID. Enter the ID and password and click continue
  • The provenance emulator is successfully installed on your iPad

Installation of Provenance Emulator on iOS – AppValley

  • It is not legally available on the Apple App Store
  • You can use 3rdparty app installers like AppValley, Panda Helper, etc to download provenance
  • AppValley on iOS and Android devices lets you download modded/tweaked versions of the paid apps/games for free
  • Unlike the Apple app store, AppValley does not require any ID
  • Open the Safari browser on your iOS device. Then search and download AppValley

Features of Provenance Emulator

  • Jailbreak NOT required
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface inside the app
  • Can emulate various consoles like PPSSPP, GBA, Nintendo, etc.
  • Full support for online multiplayer games
  • Screen recording enables gamers to record their gameplay and the ability to share it via
  • Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection
  • The cloud backup feature saves all your game data so you never lose it
  • Ability to assign own game controls and maps
  • A few multiplayer games are hosted on local servers thus they do not require Wi-Fi
  • Supports iOS versions above iOS10 too!

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

How to Add Classic Game ROMs to Provenance Emulator?

When the Provenance emulator is installed, it is empty and has no games. Gamers need to install Provenance ROMs to access classic Nintendo games. Follow this guide for data

  • Launch the Provenance emulator and click on the “+” symbol on the home screen to ‘add’ game ROMs
  • Now you are redirected to the browser. Search for the ROMs of the desirable games and add them to the emulator
  • When you reach these websites such as, go to the “ROM files” section, and select the “open in provenance” option
  • Finally! You can enjoy your game once the ROM is loaded in the emulator

How to Fix Provenance Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error?

In case of certificate security issues even after successful installation of the emulator, follow these steps:

  • Click “Cancel” on the security popup
  • If your iOS version is 9 or below, go to Settings -> General Settings -> Profile -> Trust
  • If your iOS version is above 9, go to Settings -> General Settings -> Device Management -> profile -> “Trust”

What console systems are supported?

The full list of all consoles currently emulated by provenance them here

Can I install it without a computer?

There’s no safe technique to install the app to your iOS device from the internet via web signing. It is highly recommended to NOT use them because the Provenance team does not officially approve nor endorse any 3rd party websites which might be hosting the app.

New vs. Old version?

Provenance currently has two types: the older version and the newer version. The older version is widely accepted to be first priority due to its great environment and originality. In the case of the newer version, it is loaded with cool new features and possible bug fixes. It is mainly targeted toward devices with iOS 10 and above. Sadly, this new version is still in beta testing.

Emulator Info’s Words

Provenance is an amazing multiple-console emulator for iOS. iOS include iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. As they say, “the best things in the world are free”. This thing is true for Provenance since it is totally free and also doesn’t need jailbreak.

Provenance emulator is packed with features and many many playable games and all of that is displayed in an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. We would give it a 4.7/5 Rating.

Provenance has proved time and again to be the best iOS emulator for consoles like Nintendo, PS2, and NES. This means you can play all your childhood games and bring back those memories. So pull up your nostalgic socks and GAME ON!


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