How to Download and Install Phoenix OS on Windows


Hello, gamers! Welcome back to Emulator Info. If you are here today to learn about some new emulators, we will go beyond your expectations with Phoenix OS which is not just an emulator but a completely seamless and smooth new OS for your PC . so, let’s go ahead and learn How to Download and install Phoenix OS on your Windows system.

A Multisensory Experience!

How to Download and Install Phoenix OS on Windows

Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is not just your everyday Emulator. It is special since it Is a complete android OS to load on your PC to completely transform your Windows PC/Laptop into an Android device!

Phoenix OS

It is Chinese software that doesn’t really get regular updates. But packed with full compatibility and awesome features, Phoenix OS is in many ways better than most android emulators.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP or later
  • Intel x86 processor with at least 1Ghz core
  • 2 GB RAM
  • At least 6GB hard disk

Download and Install Phoenix OS

  • Head over to your browser and search for “Phoenix OS”
  • Select the top result which is the official website (in Chinese)
  • Download the exe file since the iSO file requires extra procedures to install
  • The file is around 650MB so wait for the download to complete
  • Launch the app
  • Select the hard drive to transfer the OS files to it
  • Make sure there’s at least 8GB of free space on that drive
  • Carry on with the normal set-up process by agreeing
  • Wait for the installation process to complete now
  • Once Installed, the PC will restart
  • System initializing may take some time
  • You are all set with an Android OS on your Windows PC/Laptop
  • You can go back to using a Windows PC easily by shutting down Phoenix OS

Features of Phoenix OS

  • Amazing and elegant user interface
  • High efficiency in performing multiple tasks simultaneously
  • High compatibility lets it run even on old and weak PCs with low specs.
  • Compatible with uncountable applications from the Android app store
  • Supports multi-window and multi-instance
  • Phoenix OS is featured in both English and Chinese.
  • File manager makes it super easy to handle data as you like it.
  • Pheonix OS supports Windows Keyboard shortcuts like ctrl+v, ctrl+a, etc.


  • This project is unfortunately discontinued
  • Questionable stability
  • The Phoenix OS interface is riddled with video ads. Though they won’t interrupt the game
  • This is a Chinese application. And in the spirit of banning Chinese products, we shouldn’t use it
  • This project is discontinued. This means there are no updates
  • The OS is optimized for many devices which means it might either lag or not work at all

Emulator Info’s Words

I guess we now know about Phoenix OS enough to make an educated decision on how good it is. As we have seen, having a whole Android operating system on your PC is cool indeed! It comes with both its pros and cons as discussed. So at the end of the day, it is up to you, the gamers, to choose if you can overlook the flaws and how crucial the pros are for you.

With that, we would rate Phoenix OS 4.6 Stars because of its huge collection of features. But since it’s a discontinued Chinese software with no major update in years. It can be a little laggy. This OS works quite smoothly over PCs with decent configuration.


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