How to Download and Install MEMu Play Emulator on Windows 11


Hey Emulator Geeks! Welcome back to Emulator Info. Let’s talk about MEmu Play today since it has recently come out with its latest version MEmu 8.0. We are going to tell you How to Download and Install MEMu Play Emulator on Windows 11.

Let’s see how to download and install MEmu Play 8 on Windows 11. And along the way, we’ll also discuss its features, how to download and install, etc.

Real Gaming takes the Stage!

How to Download and Install MEMu Play Emulator on Windows 11

MEmu Play

MEmu Emulator simulates a sandbox of Android OS. This means it behaves like an android system. For this reason, MEmu Play is called a “Real” android emulator.

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Required Specifications

Minimum System specification:

  • 2 core Processor (Intel or AMD CPU)
  • Runs on WindowsXP, Windows7, and above
  • Latest Windows 11 DirectX Graphics driver with OpenGL 2.0
  • Hardware Virtualization enabled: VT-x for Intel and AMD-V for AMD
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 5GB free space on the Hard Disk
  • MEmuPlay can function on these minimum requirements.

But prefer the following recommended specs for the optimal gaming experience.

Recommended Specification:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 with VT Enabled.
  • Intel/Nvidia/ATI graphics card, Onboard or Discrete controller.
  • Graphics driver with OpenGL 4.5 or higher.
  • 8GB RAM or higher.
  • Fusion HDD: SSD, 10GB free space on the Hard Disk.
  • Stable broadband internet connection with low latency.


  • Newer Android versions need more RAM and Disk Space.
  • High-end games need more RAM and Disk Space.
  • Do not run it on another virtual machine.
  • If any issues arise, update the graphics driver or change your graphic card.

Download and Install MEmu Play Emulator

  • Download the MEmu Play installer from the official website.
  • Browse and go to the download location.
  • Double-click the installer named Memu-Setup.exe to start the installation process.
  • MEmu installer verified publisher click on ‘yes’.
  • Select ‘Quick Install’ In the MEmu installation wizard.
  • MEmu Android emulator is now installed. It might take a few minutes for the installation to complete.
  • Once Memu Play installation is completed, click on the start button to Launch the MEmu Play app.

Features of MEmu Play Emulator

  • The processing can be customized as low as 1CPU and 1GB RAM.
  • Thus works on even very old and weak PCs.
  • MEmu is ace in compatibility as it supports AMD and Intel.
  • It features seamless multiple instances.
  • You can change the OS between Nougat(default), KitKat, and Lollipop.
  • Users can have 3 different windows with these different OS.
  • Smart controls.
  • Macro key mapping.
  • Controller support.
  • Game automation.
  • Video record.
  • GPS simulation.
  • Command-line scripts.
  • Has an option of a premium version which is ads-less.

MEmu Play Premium features:

  • You get rid of all the ads with premium.
  • Customize your dock, wallpaper, and skin(theme) all you want
  • Get instant answers to any query with premium customer service.

New features and upgrades in MEmu 8.0

  • The default instance is a 64-bit android 9 instance
  • Hyper-V virtualization engine is supported
  • Android 9 instance to run games requiring a higher Android version
  • Various Android versions are available to choose from
  • Efficiently uses computer resources like RAM and %CPU usage
  • Fast app launch optimizes the game installation speed saving 50% time
  • Lightweight launcher
  • Multiple instances

Some Fixes in MEmu 8.0:

  • Fixed the no response problem when running certain games.
  • Fixed the issue of insufficient resources while starting high-end games.
  • Fixed the visual issue of blurry or splashed screen in few games.
  • Fixed the inability to install from APK/XAPK for sizes bigger than 2GB.
  • Fixed game incompatibility on AMD-powered systems
  • Fixed occasional crashes occurring while sorting windows.
  • Fixed the failure issue when creating new instances in some cases.
  • Fixed a major issue where the disk became larger after cleaning.

Disadvantages of MEmu Play Emulator

  • MEmu does not have a version for Mac or Linux
  • As mentioned before, it’s necessary to have the minimum requirements, but you need the recommended requirements for optimal usage.
  • Multi-instance is new for a light emulator. It can get a bit laggy.

Some FAQs about MEmu Play Emulator

Is MEmu Play Android Emulator safe to use?

Yes, MEmu Play Emulator is totally risk-free to use and protected against malware and online threats. The MEmu Player software’s designers made sure that it has strong security safeguards that keep all user information secure and safe.

Which are the games that can be played using the MEmu Play Emulator?

The MEmu Player supports a vast array of Android games, including BGMI, WorldBox, BitLife, Clash of Clans, and others. After installing the MEmu Player on your PC, you can play almost all of the popular battle royal games.

Which of MEmu Play 8 Emulator and BlueStacks 5 is superior?

When compared to BlueStacks, MEmu Player Download is a pretty new product on the market. In contrast to BlueStacks, which is not designed exclusively for gaming, MEmu Player Download focuses primarily on Android games. However, there are some situations where BlueStacks performance is thought to be superior to MEmu Player. However, both emulators are viewed as being comparable to one another overall.

Emulator Info’s Words

MEmu Play is one of the best emulators in the market where you can play amazing android games with stunning graphics and on a bigger screen than a PC.

MEmu has the option to change the android OS so you gamers can access and enjoy every game. It might get a little slow as the number of instances goes up, but you don’t have to worry if you have a high-end PC with good specs and a decent graphic card.

Since you all now know pretty much everything about MEmu Play and How to download and install MEmu Play 8.0 on Windows 11, you are free to give your own verdict on it.

We rate MEmu 4.3 Stars and still recommend it as one of the top 5 Android Emulators. So, go ahead and download it for the sake of experience; and yes, finally.



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