How to Download and Install Latest GameLoop Emulator on Windows 11


Hello, gamers! Welcome to “Emulator Info – Your one-stop for everything on emulators!” Today we are going to cover the topic “How to Download and Install Latest GameLoop Emulator on Windows 11

We will discuss what it is, how it works, its compatibility, how to install it if is better than its competition, and much more.

GameLoop Emulator is a lightweight and easy-to-use emulator which was developed for Windows 11. We will also discuss “How it is compatible with almost all the popular games on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and many more.”

So, let’s dive in!

Defeat all your enemies without leaving the house!

How to Download and Install Latest GameLoop Emulator on Windows 11

GameLoop Emulator

GameLoop is an android emulator that was released in mid-2019 and was then known as Tencent Gaming Buddy.

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It was exclusively designed as an official PUBG Mobile Emulator on PC. PUBG fans welcomed it, inspiring Tencent to expand the platform. With many games, this expansion also introduced support from streaming services NimoTV and NonoLive. The current versions include an easy-to-use screen recorder.

Downloading and Installing GameLoop Emulator

  • Google Search for Gameloop or go to the official website
  • Find and click the download link.
  • The installer is only 3.6MB. The installer may be put into your downloads folder. Click on install. GameLoop downloads some extra things too.
  • After installation, add desktop shortcuts to launch the emulator.
  • Go to GameLoop home in the top left where you can download more android games on Windows PC.
  • You can download other apps apart from games. (lifestyle, personalization, entertainment, music apps, etc)
  • Go to the home screen to know about installing procedure or installed games.

Required Specifications

Minimum requirements of PC hardware to download and run the latest version of GameLoop smoothly:

  • At least 10GB of free space.
  • CPU: Intel i5 6400, AMD Ryzen 5 1400 If laptop, don’t use low voltage.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Operating system: windows7 and above.
  • Graphic Card: NVIDIA GTX660 / AMD 7850.

Pros and Cons of using Gameloop Emulator

As we all know that a coin has two sides just like that Gameloop Emulator also have some pros and cons on which we should have a look.

Meet the Pros

  • Aesthetic layout for apps menu.
  • Gameloop’s specially developed for playing Tencent games which include awesome games like PUBG and Call of Duty mobile.
  • It has an anti-cheat system to catch hackers and cheaters
  • It doesn’t need any sign requirement to play
  • You can enable Screen recording.
  • News on Gaming and Live streaming on this emulator.
  • It supports 2K gameplay resolution.
  • Keymapping design, optimizing the utilization of keyboard and mouse.

Meet the Cons

  • Single instances, so multiple windows of this emulator can’t be launched.
  • The Google play store is absent.
  • You can only install the apps which support the GameLoop.
  • You can’t install any other app even with an apk.
  • However, Game Freezes while playing which is very bad.
  • High Ping rate.
  • Crash issues

GameLoop Emulator on Windows11

The latest version of GameLoop is v4.1.105.90. It is compatible with windows7 and above. Unlike some previous versions, this version of GameLoop works perfectly and smoothly on Windows 11 too.

Some features of GameLoop which will help you on Windows 11 while gaming:

Smart Control: GameLoop provides intuitive controls for simple gameplay. Additionally, you can modify the main features to suit your requirements.

High performance: It offers excellent performance for a better gaming experience because gaming is its primary focus.

An Anti-cheating system: GameLoop’s anti-cheating technology is one of its most distinctive features. That is all participants are treated fairly, and hacking is prevented.

PUBG Mobile on GameLoop

-Video Credit to RAM Gaming

GameLoop is the official emulator for PUBG mobile and is specially designed to deliver fully optimized gameplay to gamers. Additionally, it is loaded with personalized customizable settings.

GameLoop is the BEST emulator for PUBG mobile where you can smash your enemies and enjoy super smooth gameplay on the big PC screen.

The recoil patterns in PUBG can be frustrating and distracting sometimes. But with customizable aim-sensitivity settings in GameLoop, you can master your favorite guns’ recoil with ease.

Become the WINNER WINNER and get your CHICKEN DINNER with GameLoop!

Other GameLoop games for Windows 11

Pokémon UNITE:

  • This game is the first MOBA title from the Pokemon series of games. MOBA is the most complex and strategic genre in games.
  • MOBA (Multiple Online Battle Arena) includes a 5×5 player showdown in real-time.
  • MOBA requires players to be fully involved in the game. However, playing the same game on a much bigger screen helps in to focus better.
  • GameLoop enables quick commands for fast moves and skills to conquer any battle with ease.

Garena Free Fire MAX:

  • Multiplayer survival and shooter games are on the boom nowadays.
  • Better graphics, features, and design than free fire.
  • Enhanced and more immersive experience than free fire and that too on a computer screen.

Call Of Duty Mobile:

  • Played and was loved worldwide for 2 decades.
  • Always been a PC game until recently.
  • Gameloop provides better control than the PC version.
  • Supports pre-installed keyboard settings.

Clash Royale:

  • You can be twice as fast with your playstyle
  • Can track every little detail of the game

Brawl Stars:

  • To ensure a seamless gaming experience, you can play Brawl Stars at a considerably higher quality with a steady framerate.
  • Helps you in observing your opponents make the best attacks.

GameLoop’s Beta 7.1 Version

The GameLoop Emulator Beta 7.1 Version is a great improvement over the previous one, as it fixes some of the bugs that were found in the previous version and also adds new features to make it more efficient for gaming performance.

What’s new

  1. Enhancement For Low-End PC
  2. It will use low RAM
  3. Additional Games And Apps Supported, Including PUBG New State And Valorant Mobile
  4. Issues with lag and hanging are resolved

Emulator Info’s Words:

Worthy or not?

Now that we’ve discussed so much about the GameLoop emulator, let’s end the discussion with a concluding question “Is the GameLoop emulator worth downloading on windows11?”

  • It is one of the best emulators and it is absolutely free.
  • The latest versions run smoothly on windows11
  • It Supports all the free games.
  • Perfect for playing PUBG or other Tencent games.
  • Anti-cheating systems to restrict hackers and cheaters
  • Smooth graphics and good performance

That means it is Worth a Try!


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