How to Download and Install Genymotion Emulator on Linux


Fellow Gamers! Welcome back to Emulator Info. The emulator for today is Genymotion. Genymotion is one of the best emulators of all and we will get to know How to Download and Install Genymotion Emulator on Linux.

Genymotion emulator is available for Windows, macOS as well as Linux operating systems. It is the most popular emulator among Linux users due to multiple reasons. So today we will focus on the installation of Linux systems.

We will primarily talk about the Genymotion emulator which is loaded with features. So let’s see How to Download and Install Genymotion Emulator on Linux.

So let’s get started!

Game-Changing Mechanism!

How to Download and Install Genymotion Emulator on Linux


Genymotion Desktop is an innovative android emulator as it includes many many features like no other emulator. You can test your applications on a device from a variety of virtual machines. This is used for developing, testing, and demonstrating these applications. It also consists of the complete set of sensors and features required to interact seamlessly with a virtual android environment with high efficiency.

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We can say that Genymotion is designed primarily for app developers and IT professionals to develop and test their model applications across multiple devices without actually having to do that. Genymotion uses cloud-based emulators which simplifies the management of data centers. Multiple instances can be used to simulate various circumstances in different android environments simultaneously!

Required Minimum Specifications

Genymotion only works with 64bit.


  • Ubuntu 20.04LTS
  • Debian 9 (Stretch)
  • Fedora 30
  • x86_64 CPU
  • Intel VT-x/AMD-V/SVM
  • GPU with Hardware acceleration
  • 400MB free disk space
  • 4GB of RAM
  • VirtualBox from the distribution

Download and Install Genymotion Emulator on Linux

Install VirtualBox

  • Open the browser and search for “Linux virtual machine”|
  • The top result may show Enter it and go to the download section
  • Go the the “Linux hosts/distributors” of the latest version(v6.1.36 now)
  • Select the latest Ubuntu version AMD-64 for 64bit kernel
  • Click it and “save file”. Around 70MB .dev file
  • Go to downloads and right-click on the .dev file to “open with Ubuntu Software Centre”
    This will open the .dev file and you can now install your VirtualBox v6.1 (the latest version)
  • Enter the password to authenticate

Download Genymotion

  • Go to the Genymotion website download section
  • Select the free version since we don’t need the paid business version
  • Since you’re using Linux OS, it will automatically be selected
  • Depending on your PC specs, choose the Ubuntu version and 32/64Bit
  • To download the binary file, Sign-in your Genymotion account, and create a new account if doesn’t already exist
  • The Binary file (Genymotion-3.2.1-linux_x64.bin) is a small size file and will start downloading now

Install Genymotion

  • Browse the downloads folder to find Genymotion-3.2.1-linux_x64.bin
  • Terminal:
    • cd Download: change directory to downloads
    • chmod +x genymotion-3.2.1-linux_x64.bin: to execute the file
    • ./ genymotion-3.2.1-linux_x64.bin
  • Select Y from (Y/N)? to confirm extraction and continue
  • Files are extracted
  • Go to Download folder -> Genymotion ->
  • Browse for Genymotion executable file with the icon
  • Double-click the icon to launch the app

Install Virtual Machine

  • Whenever you first launch Genymotion, a pop-up will ask you “Do you want to add a virtual machine?”
  • Select “yes” and proceed with entering your credentials
  • Select the virtual machine (mobile phone) of your choice and continue
  • This Virtual machine installation on Genymotion may take around a minute or so
  • The virtual machine will start on your Ubuntu OS system
  • Enjoy!

Some FAQs of Genymotion Emulator

How to start Genymotion Shell?

To launch Genymotion Shell, run this according to your OS:

  • Windows: Run command in a command prompt:
    C:\Program Files\Genymobile\Genymotion\genyshell.exe
  • macOS:  Run command in a terminal:
  • Linux: Run command in terminal:
    ~/genymotion/genymotion-shell or

Can we screen record with Genymotion Device image (PaaS)? If Yes, how?

Use the Capture widget to enable screenshots or screencast on your virtual devices. This lets you broadcast images and videos of the working of your applications. The default recording time limit is set to 3 minutes (180 seconds). But this can be increased with the –time-limit option and it can go up to 86400 (24 hours).

Can you connect a Genymotion instance to Android studio and other IDEs?

Firstly, you need SDK platform tools. These tools are pre-installed for Android studio. Connect your Genymotion instance to ABD to access the virtual device from ABD and this connects the instance to the IDE of your choice.

How to embed a Genymotion image instance in a website?

Using an open-source javascript SDK, you can integrate a Genymotion instance with a custom web page. For more details, go to:

What does the Genymotion plugin for Android studio do?

This plugin lets you test the applications you developed in the IDE called Android Studio. This plugin connects with any virtual device with the help of ADB. You can now continue to push your application.

How to install a Genymotion plugin?

You can install the Genymotion plugin for Android Studio from AS marketplace:

  • Launch Android Studio
  • Go to:
    • Windows; File/Settings
    • Linux: File/Settings
    • macOS: Android Studio/Preferences
  • Select your preferred Plugins and enter the Marketplace
  • Search for Genymotion in the search box
  • Click Install -> Apply -> OK.

Emulator Info’s Words

Genymotion is not just your normal android emulator. It is a platform to develop, testing, and run android applications in various different android environments and simulations. It also encompasses full connectivity with IDEs and Android studio. And all of that in addition to tones of features!

Our final review for Genymotion is a full 5 Stars! Going by the features, compatibility, usability, and simplicity, we highly recommend using this emulator especially if you are an app developer. And those who don’t develop apps, play them! So join in the world of the virtual machines to play any game in full stunning visuals and awesome performance. Until next time.



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