How to Download and Install Bliss OS on Windows 11


Welcome back gamers to your very own Blog; Emulator Info. The place where we discuss everything about emulators. And our emulator today is a special one. It is called the Bliss OS emulator. We will know How to Download and Install Bliss OS on Windows 11.

It is super-compatible with all PC operating systems. Since it is quite popular among Windows users, let us see How to download and install Bliss OS on Windows. Along the way, let’s also explore the following aspects of Bliss OS.

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How to Download and Install Bliss OS on Windows 11

Bliss OS

Visit Bliss OS

Not just an emulator, Bliss is a full-fledged Operating System (OS). This OS is Open source and based on android. Bliss OS is loaded with features and optimizations on top of highly customizable configurations. In the last 4 years, Bliss OS has incredibly extended its device support which makes it available for any Windows and Linux PC. Moreover, Bliss OS can run on any Chromebook tab or computer too.

If you visit the official Bliss OS website, you will notice 2 versions to download. One of them is the stable version which is based on Android 9 and BlissROMs(11.x) and the other is the development/nightly version (14.x) based on Android 11(R) and BlissROMs. Stable versions come with ARM/ARM64 App compatibility.

Required Specifications

  • Memory: 1 GB.
  • Graphics Card: ATI FireGL T2-128
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.50GHz
  • File Size: 1 GB
  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and above

Download and Install Bliss on Windows 11

Downloading Bliss Os

  • Visit the official Bliss OS Website (
  • Find the Bliss OS image
  • Download this ISO file

Installing Bliss OS

Method 1: Dual Boot
  • Go to your Downloads and find the Bliss OS installer
  • Extract/unzip the zip file (Androidx86-Installv26.0003.exe) with apps like &zipper or WinRar
  • Double-click the installer from the extracted folder
  • This will launch the installer
  • Installer will start its work by itself. It will then prompt you to select the ISO file and the target drive
  • Click ‘Install’ and wait a few minutes for the installation
  • Restart the PC when the installation completes
  • In the boot menu, select the desired Android OS
Method 2: OS Hard Drive

WARNING: This process will format/erase the hard drive. Make sure you still want to proceed. And if you surely want to use this method, back up your data so you don’t lose all of it.

  • You still have to download the ISO file. But here we burn the ISO file on a blank disk or use a bootable USB drive instead of extracting the file and launching the installer.
  • Insert the DVD (or USB) into the PC and use it to Boot the Android operating system.
  • Find ‘Advanced Options’ and ‘Auto Installation’ in the menu that appears.
  • You will get a warning on your screen as proceeding with this process will wipe your data. If you still want to continue, click on “Yes
  • You can’t turn back now. Your hard drive will be formatted. Erasing all the data might take a while.
  • After formatting is done, a dialogue box asks you to run Bliss OS. Select yes.
  • The Bliss OS logo on the screen means you are ready to go!!
  • It is apparent that Bliss has a simple interface and tones of features to tweak around with. Do keep in mind that it won’t work as well on older computers and mobile devices.

How to Download and Install Bliss OS Emulator on Linux

Features of Bliss OS

  • Bliss OS has a simple and intuitive interface
  • Bliss OS provides various customization and theme-changing options
  • Superfast and lightweight emulator with stability in focus
  • You can manage multiple tasks at the same time for both big and small screens
  • Several tweaks allow you to configure the performance, speed, stability, and visuals, as you like it
  • Unlike most emulators, Bliss OS is not brutal on your battery. We have developed a battery-friendly platform with all the functionalities
  • Bliss OS is not only amazing but also fully compatible with all your PCs. No matter the OS. As is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS
  • Bliss OS gets regular security patches in updates and the safety and privacy options/features of Bliss OS are remarkable
  • Bliss OS supports a Video-playback option from streaming services like Netflix and Prime video with the help of Widewune 1.3 DRM
  • Full Gamepad controller support

Emulator Info’s Words

Bliss OS is not just an emulator. It is much more sophisticated than that. As the name suggests, Bliss is a complete OS (Operating System) in itself which have to be installed in a PC via a bootable USB device or a DVD burnt with Bliss OS.

It is an amazing android OS for Windows/Linux systems where you get tons of features and smooth performance. The only downside of Bliss is that it is not really compatible with low-end and old PCs. It can also be a little difficult to install sometimes compared to other emulators.


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