How to Download and Install Android Studio on Windows 11


Hello Emulateers! Welcome back to Emulator Info for your daily dose of Emulator knowledge. Today, instead of just an emulator, let’s learn about app development software.

Android Studio is an amazing Android IDE to create, test, and play android Apps. It can also emulate many devices including many mobile phones as well as watchOS, AutomotiveOS, etc. So, let’s learn How to Download, Install, and Set-up Android Studio on Windows 11.

Ready. Set. Game.

How to Download and Install Android Studio on Windows 11

Android Studio

All of us have used and played Android apps at a point. Ever wondered how are these apps made? These games are coded in software called IDEs. Since Android is a sub-brand of Google, Android Studio designed by the Google Android Development team is the official IDE for all kinds of Android systems.

Android Studio

Launched on 16th May 2013 in Google’s I/O 2K13 event, Android Studio comes with all the utilities of Android tools to design, test, and debug your own Android Application. Gradle is the Build Automation Tool used in Android Studio in order to manage projects.

System Requirements

  • 64-bit Windows8 to Windows11
  • CPU: x86_64 architecture 2nd generation Intel Core or newer
  • RAM: At least 8 GB
  • At least 8 GB of available disk space for IDE, and Android SDK
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 800

Download and Install Android Studio

Prerequisite: Download Java

  • Go to the browser and search “java JDK download” or click on the link
  • Select Windows x64
  • Normal installation procedures

Adding system path variable.

  • C-drive > program files > java > bin. Copy this path
  • On the home screen, Search for ‘environment variable’
  • Paste the copied path here

Download Android Studio

  • Open your browser and go to the Android Studio download page which takes you to the
  • Android Developers website
  • This website detects your operating system automatically
  • Go through the terms and conditions section and License Agreement. And agree/accept the checkbox to proceed to download
  • Start the Android Studio installer download
  • Save your file in a convenient location that is easy to locate, search and remember
  • It is a 900MB file. Wait for the complete download.

Install Android Studio on Windows

  • Go to the location and double-click the .exe file
  • To confirm the installation Click Yes if you encounter a dialog about allowing the installation
  • In the Android Studio Setup dialog box, Click Next to proceed with the installation
  • Choose a light or dark theme as you like
  • Additional components and tools required for Android app development are downloaded during the installation
  • If you receive a Windows Security Alert about adb.exe, click Allow Access to continue the installation
  • The Android Studio initialize window shows up and you’re ready to code out some apps!

Set-up and Initialization

  • Config or do not import settings
  • Data sharing options ask you whether to share your project analytics with Google. I recommend turning it off
  • Update the plugins if updates are available
  • Once IDE launches chose the language. Kotlin recommended.

Features of Android Studio

  • Powerful code editor with smart editing and code re-factoring
  • Equipped with Emulator to show your code output on various devices in various resolutions
  • Gradle-based build support and Maven Support
  • Template-themed wizards
  • Dracula Theme (dark mode) Environment to protect your eyes and enjoy the coding experience
  • Use the built-in tools to inspect Jetpack Compose Animations and preview your app layout in any resolution on any screen size
  • Optimize your Android app and its size with an APK analyzer. Also compare 2 APKs to know how the app changed between the 2 versions
  • You can use a single project and customize your project build to create build variants for different Android devices
  • Build Analyzer lets you analyze the performance of your projects and helps in spotting build issues in your project
  • Realtime Profilers give you the CPU’s real-time performance statistics like memory and energy usage.

Emulator Info’s Words

Android Studio is the official IDE from Google to code, create, run and test android apps. With many functionalities and a plethora of features, even noobs can create apps like professional coders.

We rate Android Studio a Full 5/5 Stars! Android Studio is amazing in many ways including that you can choose the device to be emulated amongst not only mobile phones but also tablets, watchOS, and even AutomotiveOS!


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