How to Download and Install Skyline Nintendo Switch Emulator on Android


Hello, Game geeks! Welcome back to your Encyclopedia on everything emulator: Emulator Info. We have discussed many types of emulators from Android emulators to emulators for Gaming Consoles on PC or Mobile Phones. We have ranked them, rated them, and compared them against each other. Today, we learn about a brand new Emulator: Skyline.

Skyline is a newbie but promising emulator for Nintendo Switch on Android Phones. It is not very resource hungry and can run on any modern Android Phone with decent RAM and graphics. So, let’s see How to Download and Install Skyline Switch Emulator on Android

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How to Download and Install Skyline Nintendo Switch Emulator on Android

Skyline Emulator

Visit Skyline

Skyline is the best emulator in the market to emulate the legendary Nintendo Switch console on both Android and Windows systems. It is an experimental emulator and it runs on ARMv8 architecture. Moreover, Skyline is made using Vulkan which gives it superb graphic support

System Requirement


  • Android 10
  • 4GB Ram (To run basic 2D games)
  • Processor:
    • Snapdragon 660+ For 2D games
    • Snapdragon 855 or above for 3D


Operating systemWindows 10/1164Bit
Framework.NET Framework4.6.1
Processor4cores (Quadcore)8 cores (Octa core)
Graphic setting1GB2GB
System memory2GB RAM4GB RAM

Download and Install Skyline on Android


  • This link directly takes you to the Skyline download page
  • As you can see here, Skyline releases multiple builds EACH DAY!
  • Download the latest version as it is the most stable one
  • Download the ROMs of your desired games from
  • Create a separate for Game ROMs and move all of them here


  • Go to the downloads folder and search for the Skyline file (~6MB)
  • Extract it at a location of your choice with an extractor app
  • Give Emulator the required permissions to access system storage
  • The emulator has started


  • Add games in the emulator by choosing the ROMs from the folder
  • Set up other settings like “Show FPS” as you desire
  • Enable the Ultra wide mode if your Mobile phone can support it
  • Tweak other settings accordingly
  • If you’re using a controller, Set up keymapping by calibrating controller keys
  • Once you are done, Enjoy your game!

Features of Skyline

  • Dark theme
  • Multiple languages
  • Ultra-wide mode (go for16:9 in case of the older phone)
  • Easy to download
  • Small download size
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface


  • It’s a new emulator in the development phase and thus has a few issues for now
  • No back button or home button
  • No, the save states/load states feature
  • Some games are not supported for now
  • Some games don’t have sound

Emulator Info’s Word

Skyline Emulator is a great software to try out if you want to experience epic titles from the Nintendo Switch console. It is a light sleek emulator with lots of features packed in a user-friendly interface and decent compatibility with many games.

It is still in its development phase which means the performance/graphics/compatibility will increase with updates.

Another good Switch emulator ranked below Skyline is Yuzu Emulator.


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